Rail and Rail components for the mining industry

Zak Steel Proprietary Limited (herein after refered to as Zak Steel), is a private company with it's Head Office and principal place of business at 4 Boniface Road, Selection Park Industrial Sites, Springs, Gauteng.

Zak Steel's main activity revolves around the supply of new Mines & Sidings rail components to the mining industry and to other users of rail, both for surface and underground purposes.

In March 2021 Zak Purchased the Plant and Machinery from Ernest H Johnson's mining division. As a result we are now manufacturing 22kg, 30kg and 40kg Fishplates, Dogspikes and Coachscrews, through our Railcor Manufacturing sister company.

The product range of Zak Steel consits of the following:

Mines and commercial quality rail, covering the whole spectrum from 15 kg per meter up to 57 kg per meter rail.
Fishplates and bolts to fit all sizes of rail.
Rail extensions (jump-sets).

Zak Steel has been involved in the Mines & Sidings rail market for a period of 25 years and have been involved with supply to the various mining groups in South Africa for 35 years.

Zak has a rail yard in Springs and this rail yard is capable of and equipped to handle the following:

Cut-to-size and drill all rail supplied by Zak, ranging from 15 kg per meter up to 57 kg per meter.
Gag (Straighten) all sizes of rail.
Keep large stocks of all mines & sidings rail, in order to provide for the total rail market.
Deliver rail to any destination within 48 hours of a request from a customer.

Zak Steel's main supplier of rail is Arcelor Mittal Newcastle and Vanderbijlpark.

We are also supplied by Railcor Manufacturing with our Fishplates, Dogspikes and Coachscrews, as well as Rail Turn-outs, Rail Switches and components of each

Black Economic Empowerment

During the course of 2002 / 2003, Zak embarked on a program to transform its shareholding to include persons from historically disadvantaged groups.

After considering several external BEE groupings, the directors of Zak believed that empowerment would best be served by engaging people employed by the company in an appropriate ownership structure.

We are pleased to say that we are currently rated a level 4 contributor to the BBEE system and have a valid certificate to prove this fact.